Introverted Leader Mini-Course

You know you came here to be a facilitator of change in the world. 

But your quiet nature makes that feel impossible.

Admittedly, you don't want to be a "leader", but you see the brokenness in your family, workplace, and community and feel called to help heal it. 

  • But no one sees you. 
  • No one hears you. 
  • No one sees the amazing possibilities that you see. 

You feel greatness within you, but you don't know how to express it in the external world. 

You feel frustrated and disappointed in yourself because you know time is running out. You know massive change must happen soon. 

You feel the fast-paced, frenetic activity of the world energetically steamroll over quiet, contemplative, and nurturing people like you. 

  • You aren’t sure you are up to the task.
  • You doubt you can be the leader your Soul volunteered you to be.
  • You’re too quiet. Too serious. Too safe. 

But in order for things to change, you realize you have to step into that leadership role.

You HAVE to become the leader your Soul brought you here to be.

And yet you aren't.


Created for intuitive introverts and Human Design Projectors who have not stepped fully into their roles as healers, coaches, guides, and leaders, this 3-part mini-course invites you to consider what’s holding you back. It also provides a next step to take to align yourself with the leadership opportunities you desire.

Included with this training is a personalized single-card oracle card reading. I will ask on your behalf, "What does the Universe want you to know about being the intuitive leader you came here to be?"

Investment: $9 USD

Part 1: 5 Reasons You May Resist Being the Leader You Came Here to Be

Part 2: Ditch the "Reluctant Leader" Energy

Part 3: The Key to Attracting Purpose-Centered Leadership Opportunities

Watch the "Things to Know Before You Buy" video.

The world needs more quiet leaders like you and me. If you haven't been fully embracing and sharing your leadership skills with the world, this 3-part video series will (hopefully) inspire you to get back on track so you can be the change you want to experience in the world.


Meet Donna Doyon

Fairy tales, movie scenes, and characters in books guided my life-development journey.

I transformed from an Ugly Duckling into Cinderella in just 50 years!

(Just kidding. Kinda.) 

My clients' transformations don't take as long as mine did. 

Because I not only transformed into Cinderella...


I also became a Cosmic Fairy Godmother.

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